Risk and Investigations


CRA’s Risk, Investigations & Analytics Practice provides targeted solutions to help clients better understand and resolve their most complex legal and business challenges. Our multidisciplinary practice is comprised of professionals from government and industry with extensive experience in helping clients manage legal, reputational and commercial risk. The integrated team leverages deep subject matter expertise combined with an analytical approach to provide clients with actionable intelligence and expert advice.

Our ability to collect and analyze large and complex data sets from internal and external sources, including public records, social media, human intelligence, electronic communications and transactions, allows us to identify and examine enterprise-wide risk. By analyzing data collected from disparate sources, we can identify instances and patterns of fraudulent or otherwise problematic activity as well as previously unknown correlations. Our professionals are trusted advisors who provide proactive and reactive solutions for our clients in the face of any challenge.


Investigative due diligence

  • Analyze the background, reputation, and business track record of entities and key management in advance of initial public offerings, M&A transactions, and client onboarding
  • Verify information presented to external stakeholders is accurate and complete

Independent monitoring services

  • Act as independent monitors, trustees, and receivers for financial institutions and enterprises subject to U.S. and E.U. regulatory and legal enforcement action
  • Assess internal systems and procedures to verify compliance with enforcement actions

Anti-money laundering and financial crime advisory

  • Conduct tests of alert systems and monitoring infrastructure to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and prevent violations of U.S. and global sanctions
  • Perform lookbacks of financial transactions and investigate suspicious activity
  • Evaluate AML and sanctions policies and procedures and provide recommendations for enhancement and implementation
  • Remediate KYC files for new and existing customers

Litigation support

  • Aid counsel in the investigation and substantiation of key allegations, including conducting background investigations of opposing parties and key witnesses
  • Analyze data from books and records and electronic communications to assist litigation efforts
  • Provide expert testimony for a wide range of industries in high-stakes litigation

Corporate intelligence

  • Conduct discreet investigations using human intelligence sources and public records to provide clients with actionable information in challenging geographies
  • Develop tailored strategies using a global network of resources to identify critical information to help clients make informed business decisions

Fraud and corruption investigations

  • In conjunction with our Forensics team, conduct investigations into the misappropriation of assets including, bribery, kickbacks, and Ponzi schemes
  • Determine the validity of claims contained within whistleblower allegations
  • Advise clients on developing policies and training in accordance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Anti-Bribery Act
  • Assist clients in responding to regulatory inquiries
  • Perform vendor/supplier due diligence to mitigate third-party risk and identify political exposure

Asset tracing

  • Identify and trace assets domestically and internationally in the course of litigation, bankruptcy, and to satisfy legal judgments
  • Apply innovative analytical techniques across a variety of platforms to follow money trails, identify patterns and trends, and highlight anomalies

Social media analytics

  • Utilize software to algorithmically reveal noteworthy connectivity between individuals and groups across social media platforms
  • Conduct efficient searching of interactions and communications on social media platforms in over 60 languages to identify information relevant to investigations and litigation

Account remediation

  • Design proactive measures to identify incorrectly calculated management fees and interest rates for investment or advisory services
  • Develop remediation plans for customers affected by mischarges due to loss of discounts, inaccurate fee calculations, mid-period terminations, and freezing of an account

Compliance assessment

  • Identify and remediate gaps in compliance systems and technical infrastructure for corporations and regulatory bodies
  • Ensure proper integration of compliance policies pre- and post-transaction
  • Develop automated controls to enable required risk management procedures and safeguards, as well as detection of failed tests

Systems investigations

  • Identify and evaluate software or system vulnerabilities in response to system or software failures, control gap exploitations, or anomalous outputs
  • Provide data-driven incident responses to configuration issues in system architecture or software failure
  • Conduct data-driven reviews of transaction logs, timestamps and network activity traffic to assess data flow and data access issues