Metals or Mining or Materials

Metals, Mining, & Materials

CRA has more than 30 years of experience working in the minerals, materials, and components manufacturing industries. Our team includes highly-trained professionals with backgrounds in business economics, corporate finance, materials science and engineering, geology, chemical engineering, and industrial organization. We provide independent, reliable, and in-depth analysis and help clients evaluate opportunities, design strategies, develop action and implementation plans, and make smart business decisions.


CRA works with all types of mining and metals companies to design and implement both corporate and business unit strategies that will deliver profitable growth and enhance shareholder value.

Our approach is built on a solid understanding of the economic fundamentals of our client’s business and industry position. We help clients sort through complex market, competitive, and economic issues to enhance or reshape both corporate and business strategies. The primary consulting services we offer in this area include:

  • Growth strategy
  • Merger and acquisitions analysis
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Cost analysis/cost positioning
  • Turn-around strategies (examining ownership structure/issues, such as privatization)
  • Capital investment decisions (including feasibility assessments)
  • Pricing strategy
  • Portfolio development

When we perform competitive analysis and benchmarking, we might examine expansion/acquisition plans, regional issues and/or high-priority customers, and pricing behavior.  We also assess core skills in the areas of marketing and sales, R&D, transportation, inventory management, and  exploration/technology.


Commercial and policy disputes have become more frequent and costly. Often at issue is the assessment of economic harm caused by alleged misconduct, or the benefits attributed to a specific policy. As the world leader in providing economic analysis and expert testimony in high-stakes commercial litigation and dispute resolution, as well as policy analysis, CRA has the ideal expertise and depth of resources to provide support in these areas.

We combine our insider’s grasp of the dynamic business environment in which metals and materials companies operate with precise, accurate analysis of the economic aspects of disputes. Our seasoned professionals know how to determine reasonable damages, identify the key levers for negotiation, spot the weak points in an opponent’s position, and assess the industry environment at the time of the dispute. The support we provide is based on more than 30 years of consulting and litigation experience in mining, metals, and materials.

CRA litigation and arbitration support services include:

  • Expert witness support (reports and testimony) for litigation and arbitration
  • Anti-trust analysis and support for potential mergers and acquisitions
  • Trade dispute support and testimony (anti-dumping presentations to the International Trade Commission and the Department of Commerce)
  • Patent infringement expert support


CRA’s experts have helped shape public policy in the mining, metals & materials sectors, both from inside and outside government. We help clients demonstrate the economic implications of policy alternatives, calculate the costs and benefits of new technologies, and quantify the impact of proposed legislative or regulatory changes. One of CRA’s particular strengths is our ability to translate complex technical results into language easily understood by a diverse audience of stakeholders.

We have significant experience helping firms respond to government regulatory policies and preparing them for litigation. Our consultants advise on: 

  • Environmental protection and occupational safety issues
  • Antitrust issues
  • Damages
  • Government policy analyses
  • International trade disputes