"Consumer Products"

Consumer Products

CRA professionals provide economic, accounting, financial, competitive, and strategic analyses for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of consumer products and services. Our economic expertise and deep factual understanding of consumer markets allow us to apply state-of-the-art analysis to such issues as mergers and antitrust, brand valuation, breach-of contract, and infringement of patents, copyrights, and trademarks. This includes the analysis of many different types of manufacturing, distribution, and retail markets, including department stores, mass merchandisers, drug stores, supermarkets, and many others.

Mergers and acquisitions

CRA professionals provide clients with economic analyses of competitive issues in the context of mergers and acquisitions in retail markets. Such issues include product and geographic market definition, entry conditions, and synergies resulting from retail consolidation, measuring and evaluating concentration, analyzing entry conditions, and assessing potential merger-related efficiencies. CRA’s experts and senior consultants have been retained by private parties and government agencies to provide economic reports, and deposition and trial testimony in many antitrust matters involving retail markets. We have provided expert testimony in litigation and presented to federal and state antitrust enforcement agencies on behalf of many of the largest food and drug retailers.

Retail markets

Our economists have long applied leading-edge empirical econometric techniques and economic theory to competitive issues in retail markets in the context of merger analyses and antitrust litigation. This includes:

  • Access to key economic data and information sources pertaining to chain store and independent retailing
  • Deep institutional knowledge of multiple retailing sectors—spanning consumer products and consumer service industries
  • Specialized expertise in designing and undertaking large-scale, state-of-the-art econometric modeling and simulation analyses
  • Access to senior consultants and staff economists with extensive testifying experience in a broad range of retailing industries and to economists who have held senior executive and managerial positions at the DOJ and FTC.

Trademarks and brand names

Trademarks and brand names are often critically important assets in consumer markets. CRA professionals assist manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in understanding the economic, financial, and strategic aspects of trademarks, brands, and related assets. Companies retain CRA to provide reliable valuations of brands for transactions such as licensing, co-branding, and acquisitions. In addition, law firms retain CRA for expert testimony and analysis in trademark, false advertising, and unfair competition litigation. With our ability to prepare, communicate, and defend well-supported positions based on comprehensive analysis, CRA provides its clients with the depth and breadth of skills that the trademark and Lanham Act litigation environment demands.